Plot Plan Requirements


The following items are intended as a general guide for information to be provided on plot plans.  This list is not all-inclusive as additional information may be required for special circumstances.

Provide six (6) dimensional sealed plot plans, with grade setbacks by Engineer, on paper not larger than 11" x 17"

  1. Plan must be signed and sealed by a licensed professional.
  2. Provide date of plan or revision, North Arrow, drawing scale, property address or  Sidwell number, property legal description (required for acreage lots), location map, zoning, and bar scale.
  3. Provide legal description (Should match bearings and distances on drawing)
  4. Show and label all easements with liber and page number (Compare to recorded plat or recorded condominium documents)
  5. Label floodplains and wetlands when present. Indicate all existing or proposed water courses, swales or ditches.
  6. Provide information on all variances or special conditions approved by the Township.
  7. Provide approved setbacks as appropriate from property line. Corner lot setbacks must be labeled on the plan as side, rear, and front.
  8. Provide site benchmark on NAVD88 Datum.
  9. Provide percentage and square footage of lot covered by building
  10. Provide percentage and square footage of lot covered by impervious surface.
  11. Provide percentage and square footage of impervious area remaining of maximum allowed.
  12. Provide existing grades at property corners, along property line, along top of curb, along top and bottom of any retaining walls along with all high points and low points.
  13. Provide proposed spot grades on an approximate 50-foot grid pattern throughout site and at least 100 feet onto adjacent sites.  Proposed grade contours can be provided to supplement the spot grades. Proposed grades along property line must match or improve on approved master grading plan.
  14. Provide proposed finish floor grades for first floor, garage and basement if included.
  15. Provide 0.5 feet  of fall within first 25 feet from building finish grade to side, front or rear yard highpoints.
  16. Slope from building to side yard cannot exceed 1:3 slopes.  Stability computations must be provided for any grade change over 2 feet that is steeper than one vertical to three horizontal, example; a retaining wall.
  17. Show all proposed drainage patterns on plan. Minimum land and swale slopes to be 1-percent. All overland drainage routes must be maintained.  Lowest house grades are to be a minimum of 1-foot above the highest overland flow route elevation.
  18. Provide finish grade of adjacent houses and horizontal tie-ins to property line and proposed home.  Finish grade      differences between adjacent lots should not be too extreme.  If adjacent lot is vacant, state so on the plan.
  19. Architectural plan elevations and footprint must match plot plan.  Ingress/egress window location is subject to change with approval. Show all proposed cantilevers and overhangs of proposed building.
  20. Show proposed walkout on both architectural and plot plan; compare to approved  engineering plans.  Provide proposed grades ten (10) feet from walkout location.
  21. Show driveway  width, material, slope, and thickness. Driveways shall be a minimum of six (6) inches thick.
  22. Driveway  locations are to match the approved plans. If driveway locations vary from      the approved plan, a letter approving the revised location from the governing association must be provided to the Township. 
  23. Show 5-foot wide concrete sidewalk along right-of-way with proposed grading as appropriate for development. (Typically 2% cross slope is required) Sidewalks shall be four (4) inches thick, except at driveways where they shall be a minimum of six (6) inches thick, and eight (8) inches for commercial drives.
  24. The plan must show the proposed sidewalks across the driveways and provide grades demonstrating they meet ADA slope requirements. Corner lots with sidewalk ramps must provide grades showing they meet ADA requirements.
  25. Show all catch basins, manholes and inlets with as-built rim and invert elevations. 
  26. Show proposed sump lead location, size and material.  Sump lead must have a minimum 2-foot of cover at the building and 3-foot of cover, if possible, everywhere else.The sump lead must connect above all trunk line pipes at structures.
  27. Show proposed water service lead location, size and material. (Typically Type “K” copper)
  28. Show proposed sanitary sewer lead location, grade, size and material.  Lead shall match as-built location/grades.
  29. If plan shows proposed septic field and/or well, provide copies of Macomb County Health Department approval(s).
  30. Show road name, width, and if private or public.  If within, public right-of-way, Macomb County Department of Roads permit may be required.

For questions regarding Plot Plan Requirements please contact:
                           Marica DiMambro in the Department of Public works:
                                                                         (586) 786-0010 press 209 or by email.