Abby Jacobson Bio

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Abby Jacobson, Trustee

Abby Jacobson's Background

Abby Jacobson previously served for 22-years on the Washington Township Planning Commission. The community knows her as the sixth generation co-owner of Westview Orchards & Cider Mill of Romeo.

For the past six-years Abby has served on the Washington Township Agri-Tourism Ordinance sub-committee, bringing her state-wide perspective having been appointed to, and served on, several state agricultural organizations focused on agri-tourism issues.

Using her Bachelors degree in chemistry from Oakland University and a thirst for learning through Michigan State University Extension, she applies the latest technology on her farm. This has earned her awards from Macomb County Farm Bureau as 'Farmer of the Year', Macomb County Soil Conservation District for 'Conservation Farm of the Year' and locally, the Romeo-Washington Chamber of Commerce's 'Business Woman of the Year' and 'Business of the Year'.

Abby credits her achievements and awards to her mother, Katherine, now 95 years old, for instilling in her a strong work ethic and the value of honesty.

Working by her side on the farm and at home is her husband, Bill. They are raising seventh generation daughters, Katey and Maggey, who attend the Romeo Schools.

Why I Ran for Trustee of Washington Township?
"I truly love our community - the people, the schools, its deep roots in history, our parks - it is just a great place to raise a family. I am ready to continue my work for our residents - keeping the lines of communication open and maintaining the rural lifestyle our residents value", Abby proudly stated.

What I Plan to Achieve
As a sixth generation co-owner of Westview Orchards & Cider Mill of Romeo, I understand the value our local farms and businesses bring to our community. I'll work to preserve our community's way of life and bring back to the Board of Trustees, fairness, integrity, and treating resident's opinions with the respect they deserve. It's long overdue.

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