The cemeteries are operated by the Clerk's Office. They are operated in conformance with the Laws of the State of Michigan, and in accordance with the appropriate principles of good conduct which should govern the operation of the cemeteries.

If you need to make burial arrangements or have questions regarding the cemeteries, call the Clerk's Office at (586) 786-0022.

Cemeteries with availability:
Mt. Vernon Cemetery @ Mt. Vernon Rd & 28 Mile Rd
Powell Cemetery @ Powell Rd between 30 & 31 Mile Rd

Other local cemeteries:
Brabb Cemetery @ Mound Rd & 31 Mile Rd
Washington South Cemetery @ Mound Rd & 26 Mile Rd
Cannon Cemetery @ Mound Rd & 26 Mile Rd
Clifton Cemetery @ 31 Mile Rd & Dequindre
Washington Center Cemetery @ 29 Mile Rd between Mound Rd & Campground

Information about cemetery lot fees can be found on our cemetery charges page.

Foundation orders must be placed directly with the Clerk's Office staff. Please call (586) 786-0022.