Commerical Cross Connections

Commerical Cross Connections

Commercial Cross Connections
Maintaining the integrity of our public drinking water system.

Commercial CC

when connected to the public water supply are you required by law to have:

1) periodic backflow testing
Backflow device testing must be performed by a certified contractor who is hired by the property owner
          to find a backflow tester click here
          to obtain a blank copy of the required backflow test form here
          Fax completed Test Forms to: (248) 786-1789

2) and, periodic cross connection inspections.
Cross Connection inspections will be completed by HydroCorp who ensures that the proper backflow prevention devices are in place to protect the public water supply. 

5700 Crooks Rd., Ste. 100
Troy, MI 48098
248.250.5000 phone
248.786.1788 fax general
248.786.1789 fax test forms

But, what is Cross Connections? 

For additional assistance, contact  Heather Berger in the Department of Public works:

                                          (586) 786-0010 press 221 or by email.