Connecting to Public Water and/or Sewer

Connecting to Water / Sewer

New Construction

Fees, permits, and inspections for connecting to public Water and/or Sewer will be prepared and provided to the Builders together with all other  New Construction Building permits.

Existing Building or Residence

If you have an existing building or residence and would like to connect to public water and/or sewer, the Department of Public Works requires a minimum of 3 business days to calculate the fees.

For additional assistance, contact the Department of Public works  (586) 786-0010 extension 2002 or by email.

Outline of Procedures for Connecting to an Existing Building or Residence to WATER

  1. Contact DPW to request a connection estimate and to discuss the location of the water tap, water service line, and water meter.
  2. Hire a contractor to install the water service line or install it yourself. 
  3. Complete the DPW application and pay the permit fees at Washington Township Hall. 
  4. The water permit includes the cost of the water meter, water tap,  and inspection of the underground water service. Underground water service inspection must be performed by the DPW prior to the water connection.  
  5. It may take 2 weeks for the DPW to make the water tap. However, if you are completely out of water and can demonstrate an emergency, we will try to make the connection within 72  hours.
  6. Contact the DPW to request the required inspection of the exposed water service line (586) 786-0010 ext 1516.
  7. Once the interior plumbing alterations are complete, contact  DPW to schedule meter installation  (586) 786-0010 ext 1516.
You will receive a bill for metered water use.  For properties with public sewer, the metered use from the water meter is billed for sewer use at current rates. For properties with public sewer, but no public water, sewer use is billed at a flat rate set by Ordinance. See Current Water & Sewer Rates for more information.