Development Insurance Requirements

Development Insurance Requirements

                                          insurance policyINSURANCE CERTIFICATES
Required language for Additional Insureds to read as follows:
“It is understood and agreed that the following shall be Additional Insureds: The Charter Township of Washington, including all elected and appointed officials, all employees and volunteers, all boards, commissions, and/or authorities and their board members, employees, and volunteers, and the Township’s Consulting Engineers”

                                                   DEPT OF PUBLIC WORKS
                                                   57900 VAN DYKE
                                                   WASHINGTON, MI  48094

For summary of insurance requirements, see below
For full text on insurance requirements, see Ordinance Engineering Design Standards.

For questions regarding Development Projects please contact:
                            Gay Carolan in the Department of Public works:
                                                                         (586) 786-0010 press 2002 or by email.

Contractors shall procure insurance and maintain it during the entire term of the contract with an insurance company with a current rating no less than A by A.M. Best Company and must be an admitted carrier.  The Township and Township’s Consulting Engineer shall be listed as named additional insured in language acceptable to the Township.  Insurance coverage shall be as follows:

i. Commercial Liability Occurrence Form

Commercial Liability Occurrence Form


$1,000,000 each occurrence


$1,000,000 general aggregate


$1,000,000 personal & advertising injury


$1,000,000 products/completed operations aggregate


$500,000 fire damage to real property


$5,000 medical payments

Coverage shall not exclude contractual liability, explosion, collapse, or underground hazards.

 ii. Contractor shall procure Owners and Contractors Protective Liability.

Owners and Contractors Protective Liability Occurrence Form


$1,000,000 each occurrence


$1,000,000 general aggregate

Township of Washington shall be Additional Named Insured, also naming the Township Engineer.

iii. Commercial Automotive Liability

Commercial Automotive Liability


$1,000,000 combined single limit


Michigan No Fault as specified by law

Commercial automobile liability coverage must include coverage for all autos, owned and non-owned, and hired.

iv. Workers compensation including Employers Liability Statutory

Employers Liability


$500,000 each accident


$500,000 policy limit


$500,000 each employee

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