Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions
 Frequently asked questions

     How will the Township notify me of a water emergency?
     What to do during a Boil Water Advisory?
     Where can I get a FREE radon detector?
     When will I receive my bill?
     When is my bill due?
     How can I pay my bill?
     How can I read my water meter?
     Could my meter be reading more water than I am using?
     How can I request a Final Bill?
     What happens if I don't pay my bill?
     How do I connect to public water and/or sewer?
     How do I get an Irrigation/ 2nd water meter?
     How do I register/ re-register as a Contractor?
Roads and Sidewalks
     How do I request road repairs?
     How can I get a dead animal removed from the road?
     Who is responsible to maintain the sidewalk?

Trash & Recycling
     When is my trash getting picked up?
     Who do I call with questions about Hazardous items?

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