DPW Goals

  • To preserve the investment made in the Township’s infrastructure through continual and proactive maintenance programs.
  • To build, cultivate, and maintain a positive, competent, service-oriented relationship with our customers:  residents, property owners, Township officials and employees, engineers, attorneys, neighboring Township officials and employees, builders, contractors, and the general public.
  • To provide continuing high levels of safety, convenience, and health protection to residents and businesses.
  • To investigate, analyze, and recommend system and technology upgrades, construction and/or purchases to provide Washington Township with the best cost-effective service available.
  • To foster and preserve a good working relationship with the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department, the Technical Advisory Committee, and consultants to champion the concerns of Washington Township regarding our rates for sewer capacity and water purchases and the maintenance and construction of their system as it relates to Washington Township.

Department of Public Works   (586) 786-0010 extension 2002