Department of Public Works overview

DPW Overview

The Department of Public Works

  • Maintains the Township’s public water and sewer systems DPW logo
  • Provides inspections on the installation of  infrastructure
  • Oversees the soil removal and land balancing projects
  • Manages development projects from site plan approval through engineering and construction to final approval by the Township
  • Insures the Township is in compliance with its National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit requirements
  • Inspect final grade and yard structures on residential properties
  • Provides assistance on drainage complaints by property owners
  • Assists in FEMA Floodplain Management determinations
  • Provides inspections on private roads, assist the Macomb County Department of Roads (RCMC) with clearing public roads during times of heavy snowfall and work with the Supervisor to determine the needs of the Township’s road system as it pertains to County road improvement project plans
  • Coordinate the activities surrounding the administration and enforcement of the Noxious Weed Ordinance
  • Provide water and sewer billing to the Township’s customers – currently over 5,500 accounts
  • Management of subdivision irrigiation/ seasonal meters
  • Oversees Cross Connections program
  • Provide grave opening and closing in Township-owned cemeteries

Contact DPW if you have questions regarding your water and/or sewer bill, for information regarding the installation of a second water meter for irrigation, experience low or no water pressure, have a concern regarding the color, smell, or taste of your water, or have information regarding watermain breaks or illegal hydrant use.     

Department of Public Works   (586) 786-0010 extension 2002