General Inspection Standards

Scheduling and Notification

The Contractor must have satisfied all Department of Public Works Contractor Registration, Insurance and Bond requirements prior to scheduling any inspection.

  • The Department of Public Works requires 24 hours’ notice for any inspection. You may request a specific time for the inspection to begin.
  • Call the Department of Public Works’ automated Inspections Line  at (586) 786-0010 ext 222 to schedule all inspections. Our Inspectors will attempt to be on-time for all appointments, however circumstances may cause delays or cancellations.  It is never acceptable, under any circumstance,  to tap a sanitary lead or bury pipes without inspection.
  • The Department of Public Works Inspector may make more than one visit to complete an inspection. When completed, the Department of Public Works Inspector will leave a color sticker noting whether the work is Approved or Rejected. Check the kitchen window, sump pipe or front window.
  • Rejected inspections will result in a Re-Inspection Fee that must be paid before the next inspection is scheduled.
  • The Department of Public Works must have your current, approved plot plan prior to scheduling the inspection. If the plot plan provided to the Department of Public Works does not match the building footprint and set-backs as staked at the site, Department of Public Works will cancel the inspection and a Re-Inspection Fee will be assessed.
  • All new and altered leads- sanitary, water and sump- must be inspected and approved. All (3) services at any new lot must be installed on the same day. Be prepared to finish the installation on the day you start.
  • All leads should be within the property limits of the parcel they service.
  • All pipes must be carefully and properly bedded and back-filled so as to avoid damage.
  • Department of Public Works requires sand backfill for trenches that will be under pavement. Have sand or stone available.
  • The Department of Public Works Inspector must be able to see the complete length of each pipe for all three (3) services before they are backfilled.
  • Any damage to other pipes occurring during construction must be repaired to the satisfaction of the Department of Public Works.
If you have any questions, please call us at (586) 786-0010 press 221