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1 March 2023

DETROIT— The Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) is proud to announce the launch of its Water Residential Assistance Program (WRAP), the first sustainable assistance program focused solely on residential water services in the state of Michigan. At its core, WRAP provides payment assistance to eligible, low-income households through water and sewer bill credits for up to two years (or ongoing for households with senior citizens and persons with permanent disabilities), as well as bill arrearage assistance, and water conservation support, including minor plumbing repairs. GLWA’s Fiscal Year 2023 funding for WRAP is $4.16 million.

The first Board-approved improvement is the launch of the new WRAP Income Based Plan, which is one of the most impactful programs in the nation, offering bill credits based on household income and the amount of the household’s water and sewer bill. The goal is that after bill credits are applied, the amount the household is expected to pay toward their water and sewer bill is three percent of the household’s income. For example, a household that has an annual income of $10,000 and an average annual bill amount of $1,000, is now eligible for $700 annually in bill credits. Previously, the household would have received only $300 annually in bill credits.

The WRAP Income Based Plan is available to all eligible households who receive water and/or sewer service from GLWA via member partner communities. Eligible households can receive assistance paying down past due balances and receive bill payment assistance for up to two years. Eligible senior citizens and permanently disabled persons can obtain bill credit assistance without an expiration date. Participants may also receive conservation assistance and minor plumbing repairs. To participate in the WRAP Income Based Plan, an applicant must have a household gross income at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty income threshold, be responsible for paying the bill, and live in the home they own or rent.

Upon enrollment, a WRAP Income Based Plan household will receive:

  • Bill credits based on income and amount of bill;
  • Past due bill or back payments assistance up to $1,200 in Year 1 and an additional $1,200 in Year 2;
  • Conservation measures and education, as well as minor plumbing repairs up to $2,000.

The second improvement focuses on increasing availability and simplifying the program by enabling all eligible households in GLWA service area member partner communities to participate. This means that if a low-income household in a GLWA member partner community meets the eligibility requirements of WRAP, or is already enrolled in other qualifying assistance programs, that household can take advantage of the bill credits, arrearage assistance, conservation measures, and minor plumbing repairs offered through WRAP.

The goal of WRAP is to set participants up for success, which includes helping to prevent the shut-off of services by utilizing proactive case management and collaboration with member partner communities. Since 2016, the program has been continuously reviewed and a broad range of adjustments have been made to ensure its adaptability and flexibility to address ways to make the program best meet the needs of member partner communities and their residents. The conservation measures offered through WRAP focus on creating a healthy home, in addition to reducing water usage.

To qualify for the WRAP program, participants must meet requirements including: 
        •  Demonstrate income at or below the 200% federal poverty threshold
        •  Reside in the home they own or rent the home
        •  Establish responsibility for paying the water bill

For Macomb county residents, the program will be administrated by

                 Macomb Community Action (MCA)
                 (586) 469-6464
                 Enroll and get more information online at


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