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CALL 811 BEFORE you dig...It's the LAW! It's fast and FREE.

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The law requires you to call 811 and have public facilities marked before digging at a job site, but public facility providers only mark lines they own. Homeowners may also have private electric, gas, or water lines going to outbuildings, outdoor lighting, or even a pool that are not marked by public facility providers.

MISS DIG 811 offers the option state-wide of contacting a private facility locating service upon submitting a MISS DIG 811 dig ticket. Please note that having private lines located is not a free service. Contact Miss Dig for more information.

  • State law requires you to contact MISS DIG 811 before starting a digging project, regardless of the project size or depth. MISS DIG 811's services are FREE. 
  • A locate request needs to be placed at least 72 business hours prior to, but no more than 14 days before, conducting excavation on your property. Contact MISS DIG 811 online at MissDig.org , dialing 811 or 1-800-482-7171 to place a locate request online.
  • Not everything gets marked. The utilities are only required to mark the lines that they own and not privately installed such as connections to a garage or workshop or privately-owned portions of the utilities such public water lines from the stop box to the building. A private locator may be hired to mark private facility lines.
  • Flags should be removed by the person who called in the Miss Dig locate request. If they did not remove the flags, please call 811 and ask who requested the locate and contact them directly to see if they have completed the project.
 For additional assistance, contact the Department of Public Works:
                                                               (586) 786-0010 press 2002 or by email.