Community Risk Reduction, Smoke Alarm Campaign

smoke alarm
In October of 2013, the Fire Prevention Bureau joined a coalition and partnership with the Detroit Red Wings, and the “Comerica Cares” Foundation in an effort to acquire smoke alarms for our Community Risk Reduction (CRR) Smoke Alarm Campaign.

Smoke alarms are an important tool in combating casualties and fatalities from fire.  Recent data collected from our community risk profile indicated that we had an unacceptable number of high risk target groups residing in homes without functioning smoke alarms.

Ten years ago, the Detroit Red Wing’s smoke alarm initiative began when team captain, Brendan Shanahan, approached the team's front office wanting to do something to remember his father who had recently passed away. Shanahan's father had been a firefighter and  a fitting legacy would be to participate in fire prevention education and service.   Since then, this organization has helped distribute close to 20,000 smoke alarms to fire departments throughout southeastern Michigan.

The program includes volunteers at all levels.  Representatives from local fire departments, along with volunteers from Comerica Cares help to collect smoke detectors and monetary donations at each Joe Louis Arena entrance during two home games.   Red Wing Captain Zetterberg then matches all monetary donations made during the collection, which are then used to purchase additional smoke alarms that are distributed to the participating fire departments following a Red Wing practice.

To date on-duty personnel have installed 12 smoke alarms in target homes (elderly, disabled, low-income), have evaluated alarms in four additional homes with battery changes, and educated residents on smoke alarm maintenance according to manufactures recommendations.

Pictured left are: WTFD Insp. Rewitzer, LT. Milobar, Zetterberg, LT. Chandler, FF/EMT-P M. Tyrell