Reading Your Water Meter

Your water meter(s) are always located inside to protect from freezing. 
Typically water meters are located in the basement.

      water meter back

Calculating Your Use
Subtract a prior reading from the current reading to calculate water use. The meter reads used to calculate your bill are printed on your bill. For billing purposes, your metered use is always rounded down.  

Leak Indicator
The leak indicator is located on the face of the meter; it is the small red triangle just to the left of the main meter dial. To test for leaks, turn off all equipment and appliances within the property that use water. Once you are sure that no water should be running, return to the meter. If the leak indicator is moving, water is still flowing through the meter and there is probably a leak somewhere in your system.

Click here to view a PDF of additional details on reading your meter(s) and using the Leak Indicator.

Washington Township's Department of Public Works is responsible for maintenance of the water mains in the streets and in easements, and for the service lines from the water main to the stop box (water shut-off valve), and for the water meter and reading equipment.  

The Township has upgraded the water meter reading technology to radio remote reading (MTU).  The Department of Public Works typically receives your water meter reading through the MTU every day. Washington Township contracts with SLC Meter Service to perform routine exterior inspections of our water meter reading equipment (MTU's). 

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