Even slow drips can waste 300 cubic feet of water per month, or more! Ensure you use the Leak Detector on your meter to help locate leaks and correct them.

The most common leaks are toilets, irrigation systems, water powered backups on sump pumps and whole house humidifiers.

Could my meter be reading more water than I am using?

Washington Township installs positive displacement meters. We purchase this type of meter because when they age or if they fail, it is in the customer's favor. As the meter ages, it may slow, which then reports less water than is actually used. If the meter fails, it reports no use.

Leaks can be silent and may even be intermittent. Use the Leak Detector on your water meter to help locate leaks.

Remote Reads Our new water meter reading system can provide Critical Consumption and High Use Alerts to notify us of potential issues at your residence or building.  Although these alerts will not catch every issue, they have proved effective in notifying residents of leaks and saving them money.

Additional Resources:

The resources listed below may provide you with ideas on lowering your water use.

Indoor Water

Michigan State University
 Consider changing your family’s water use practices to save money and reduce your environmental impact.

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Take steps each day to save water and protect the environment.

Water Use It Wisely When it comes to conserving water, small adjustments can have a big impact.

Outdoor Water

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