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Road & Sidewalk Maintenance

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Private roads are maintained at the expense of the private individuals who requested the road.
Public roads are maintained by Macomb County Department of Roads.

If the street sign is GREEN, the road is public and under the jurisdiction of Macomb County Roads.
If the street sign is BLUE, the road is private.

To request maintenance on a Macomb County Road

  • Complete this Maintenance Service Request Form online or send an email to with your request. Be sure to select the category and reason for your request so it received by the appropriate MCDR department.
  • If you prefer, you may simply call Macomb County Road Commission at (586) 463-8671 and ask for the Maintenance Department.
Snow Removal: 
In the winter months, the Macomb County Department of Roads does snow removal on public roads on a priority basis. All state and primary roads must be clear and safe for the motoring public before the Macomb County Department of Roads can begin snow removal on public local and subdivision roads. As an alternative, some subdivisions have hired private contractors through their homeowners' association to expedite snow removal. Please remember that the Macomb County Department of Roads does not receive any funding from local property taxes for road maintenance and that the amount of your property taxes does not affect the plowing and salting schedules. 

Pothole Repair: 
The Macomb County Department of Roads repairs potholes year-round. Spring is our prime season for potholes because the winter thaw takes effect. If a motorist sees a potentially dangerous pothole, please contact the Macomb County Department of Roads or Macomb County Sheriff's department or click on the link above to submit a service request.

To report a street light out

To report street lighting trouble in your area first, obtain accurate information on the location.

For lights on local highways, please contact Michigan Department of Transportation.

For all other street lights, please contact DTE Energy.

To get  a dead animal removed from the side of the road

  • The Road Commission of Macomb County will remove it from the roadway to the shoulder area as a safety precaution for motorist. 
  • Please contact the Macomb County Animal Shelter (586) 469-5115 to remove and dispose of the animal.
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Per Ordinance, sidewalks in front of residential or commercial property are maintained by the property owners (see Ord. 124 part 127.00 Sidewalk)

Sidewalks are installed under the supervision of the Building Department.

For questions on obtaining a Sidewalk Permit to install a new sidewalk, contact the Building Department:
                                                                         (586) 786-0010 press 211.

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