Seasonal Sprinkler Meters

Seasonal meters

Download the SEASONAL SPRINKLER form, found under "Water & Sewer Billing"

Common area seasonal sprinkler meters
For residential sprinkler systems, see Irrigation / 2nd meter)

Seasonal sprinkler meters are for large common areas in neighborhoods, apartment complexes, or commercial properties. These meters are installed each spring and removed each fall by the DPW.

  • Memorial Day through Labor Day water ONLY between the hours of 11:00 pm and 4:00 am
  • Backflow assemblies must be tested by July 1 to avoid service interruptions due to non-compliance. Every Backflow assembly must be tested every year.
  • Each account will be billed monthly for usage and fees.
  • Unpaid balances will be added to the Winter Property tax bill. In neighborhoods or developments, each member of the community will be assessed.
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Before we will dispatch our crews to INSTALL the meter:

  • Any and all previous charges on the account must be paid in full.
  • Submit the completed Memorandum of Understanding  -and-
  • Clearly indicate that you have confirmed the Backflow assembly(s) are installed and operational. (This confirmation is not the Backflow testing. Testing cannot be completed until after the meter is installed.)  -and-
  • Ensure that the billing address and contact information is correct for the account(s).
Promptly after meter installation, but no later than July 1
  •  Each backflow assembly must be tested and test reports submitted by email to
  •  Per State requirements as of July 31, 2024, all persons testing backflow assemblies are required to have both of the following:
                • Active ASSE 5110 Testers Certification
                • and an Active Plumbing License (Apprentice/Journeyman/Master)

Before WINTERIZING the system at the end of the season:

  • You cannot winterize your sprinkler system until after the Township has removed the meter.
  • The property owner is responsible for the maintenance of the water service line from the stop box including valves, backflow devices and irrigation system components.

  • Only Washington Township DPW is authorized to remove the water meter.

  • Washington Township DPW will automatically remove the water meter beginning October 1st. You must contact Washington Township DPW prior to October 1st if you want to request a delayed water meter removal.

  • Washington Township leaves your valves in the “open” position and the stopbox off after removing the water meter.

  • Washington Township DPW only removes the water meter. Washington Township does not winterize or blow out any of your inlet lines, outlet lines, valves, or irrigation system.

  • Washington Township strongly encourages you to properly winterize your irrigation system annually to prevent freeze damage to your irrigation system but only after Washington Township DPW has removed the meter.

  • Washington Township recommends that you leave your valves in the “open” position.

  • The Township is not, in any way, responsible for any form of loss, damage, or expense that is suffered or incurred as a result of the owner's failure to properly install, repair and/or maintain any/all components of the system which includes, but is not limited to the backflow assembly, pressure reducing valve, supply line before and after the meter, and valves before and after the meter.

  • If at any time, you or your contractor, has any questions about the ownership, responsibilities, procedures and/or policies of this Township, they must contact the Township directly. In case of after-hours emergency, the DPW can be immediately contacted at our emergency number.

For additional assistance, contact  Heather Berger in the Department of Public works:
                                                                         (586) 786-0010 press 1211 or by email.