Severe Weather

Siren Testing  - the first Saturday of every month at 1:00 p.m.

Know the Difference:

Tornado Watch

  • Move lawn furniture inside
  • Move yard equipment inside
  • Monitor TV & Radio
  • Account for family members
  • Don't forget your pets!
  • Be alert for changing conditions

 Tornado Warning

  • Tornado has been sighted
  • Take cover immediately!

On July 2, 1997, a F0 tornado struck Washington Township, Michigan and injured 11 residents.  This tornado struck Rudgate Mobile Home Park and traveled east into Ray Township, where it continued to do more damage.

Washington Township is now protected by an Early Warning Siren System.  This is the first system in the Township's history. Washington Township is 36 square miles and is protected by 13 sirens spaced strategically throughout the area.  Macomb County will activate the siren system when weather conditions are present and may be life threatening.  Severe weather conditions are those that could result in widespread property damage, injury, loss of life or property.  These conditions are, but not limited to:

  • Severe thunderstorms with 70 mph winds
  • Straight line winds of 70 mph or greater
  • Tornado or funnel cloud sightings
  • Tornado warning for Macomb County
  • Tornado warning for the Eastern half of Oakland County

Storm Season
The storm season runs from March through September.  The safest place to be during a tornado is underground, preferably under something sturdy.  If there is no basement or cellar in your home, a small room in the middle of the house, like a bathroom or a closet is the best.  

Manufactured Homes
Residents in mobile homes, even those with tie downs, should seek shelter elsewhere at the first sign of sever weather.  Manufactured homes are vulnerable to damage in high winds.  Go to a pre-arranged shelter or talk to a friend or relative to see if you can go to their home during inclement weather.  

Calling 911/Fire Department
Please do not dial 911 or call the Fire Department unless it is an emergency.  The operators are very busy during severe weather and are aware when the sirens have been activated.  Washington Township has provided the Early Warning System to alert residents to seek adequate shelter.
The Township is not responsible for providing this shelter.