Treasurer's Dept FAQs


                                                 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

I am filing my income taxes and need my property tax payments for last year. Where can I get that information?

View your Property Tax payment history click here

What happens if I did not pay my summer or winter taxes by the last day in February? click here

When will tax bills be mailed out?

Summer bills are mailed at the end of June, payable July 1st through September 14th without any penalty. Winter bills are mailed at the end of November, payable December 1st through the end of February.  If you do not receive your bill within a timely manner you may obtain a copy from our office.  Failure to receive your bill does not exempt any tax, interest, or penalty from being applied.

 Where can I make a name or mailing address change?

All corrections to your name and address can be made through the Assessor’s Office.  You may contact them at 586-786-0010 – press 2-3.

 When are the tax bills due?

 The summer bill is due July 1st and payable thru September 14th, interest/penalties are added by statute as of September 15th.  The winter bill is due December 1st and payable thru the last day of February.  If the due date falls on a holiday or weekend, the bill will be due on the next business day. 

 Postmarks and check dates are not accepted as on time payments.

 Can I still make a payment on my summer bill after September 14th?

 YES, the township accepts payment of the summer bills after the due date with interest/penalties applied as follows: 1% Sept. 15-30, 2% Oct. 1-31, 3% Nov.1-30, 4% Dec. 1-31, 5% Jan. 1-31, and 6% for the month of February.

 What if a mortgage /escrow company pays my taxes?

 The Treasurer’s office is notified by mortgage/escrow companies as to which properties they will be paying the taxes for and those bills are sent to them as soon as they become available.  You will receive an ‘INFORMATIONAL ONLY’ copy for your records.

 PLEASE NOTE:  It is important to remember that it is the taxpayer’s responsibility to see that the tax bill is paid on time.  You may check our website to see if your tax bill has been paid or by contacting this office. 

 What are the fiscal years for each entity of taxes collected? 

 All tax entities are paid for the year ahead.

 County          1/1 – 12/31             School          7/1 – 6/30

 Township      4/1 – 3/31               State Ed       10/1 – 9/30

 Library          7/1 – 6/30    

 How is my tax bill calculated?

 The Taxable Value (divided by 1000) is multiplied by the millage rate.  Keep in mind the different rates for principal residence and non-principal residence.

 What is a summer deferment?

Qualified taxpayers such as Senior Citizens or disabled persons can apply for a deferment of their summer tax bill.  This allows your summer tax to be paid, without interest through February 14th of the tax collection period.   You must qualify (Principal residence with annual household income not exceeding $40,000 or Agricultural Real Property).  Deferment forms are available at the Treasurer’s Office and must be filed by September 15th

 Where can I get a Dog License?

 Dog Licenses are available through the Macomb County Animal Shelter, 21417 Dunham, Clinton Township, MI 48036 or call 586-469-5115 for more information.

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