Water Equipment at your home

Water Equipment at your home

Washington Township's Department of Public Works is responsible for maintenance of the water mains in the streets and in easements, and for the service lines from the water main to the stop box (water shut-off valve), and for the water meter and reading equipment.  (186.000 - LAND DEVELOPMENT AND UTILITY Ord. No. 143 Adopted: May 19, 2010)

Washington Township performs routine exterior inspections of our water meter reading equipment (MTU's).

The property owner is responsible for maintenance of the water service line from the stop box to the building and all plumbing and fixtures, including pressure reducing valves and irrigation systems. Water Service Line Insurance: Some companies offer water sewer line insurance coverage to our residents by mail. Be advised that these solicitations are not endorsed by Washington Township. We strongly urge residents to carefully investigate the services provided by these companies and review their existing insurance coverage prior to determining if they could benefit from this additional insurance.

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Your WATER METER(s) are always located inside to protect from freezing. Typically water meters are located in the basement. The meter is equipped with a Leak Detector.  Click here to view a PDF of additional details on reading your meter(s) and using the Leak Indicator.
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The Township has upgraded the water meter reading technology to radio remote reading. A device called an MTU, Meter Transmission Unit, or an MIU, meter interface unit, is located on the outside of your home. The Department of Public Works typically receives your water meter reading through the MTU or MIU every day. This provides customers with historical water usage data when requested, and may alert us to significant changes in water use. For more information see "About my account".
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STOP BOX is a water shut-off valve located in or near the sidewalk at your property. Properly maintained, the stop box lid remains flush with the sidewalk or ground. Due to freeze and thaw of the ground as the seasons change, you may notice that the stop box could raise up out of the ground or sink down into the ground. When this happens, please contact the Department of Public Works, and we will come out and raise or lower the stop box lid.
Washington Township requires every service to have a Pressure Reducing Valve [PRV] installed next to the meter on the street side.  The PRV is manufactured from cast brass and equalizes your home’s water pressure. The PRV reduces the water pressure from the municipal mains to a safe household PSI to prevent high pressure-related damage to your household plumbing, fixtures and equipment, and it will enable constant pressure throughout your home. The PRV is part of your plumbing and is the property owner's responsibility.

If your neighbors have good pressure but you have low water pressure, your PRV may need maintenance, repairs, adjustments, and replacement. Washington Township recommends that only a plumber or other qualified professional perform work on your PRV.

If your PRV needs to be replaced, Washington Township requires that the replacement PRV be purchased from the Washington Township Department of Public Works located inside Township Hall at 57900 Van Dyke Rd, Washington, MI 48094.

   For additional assistance, contact the Department of Public Works 
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