A watershed, also known as a river basin, is the area of land that catches rain or snow and drains it into a marsh, river, lake or groundwater. This water makes its way into the Clinton River and eventually out to Lake St. Clair.

The Township resides in the Clinton River Watershed, North Branch of Clinton River Subwatershed, and the Stony-Paint Creekwatershed Watershed.  The Clinton River Watershed covers 760 square miles and includes over 1,000 miles of streams in addition to the 80-mile-long main branch. 

Washington Township works with the Clinton River Watershed Council, neighboring municipalities, and other agencies within our watershed to educate our residents and neighbors of the importance to protect, enhance, and celebrate the Clinton River, its watershed, and Lake St. Clair. See Upcoming Events

Learn more about what you can do to properly dispose of medications and other household hazardsreduce stormwater pollution, Fall Lawn Care tips, see upcoming events sponsored by the Clinton River Watershed


Anything and everything that enters the storm drains in Washington Township goes directly into the watershed and is not treated.  Remember, only rain in the drain! 

  Stormwater 101
  Report a Polluter
  Signs of Illicit Discharge: Tip card with photos of how to spot potential polluters (pdf)
  Safe disposal information including Household Hazardous Waste and RV dump stations


Macomb County departments keep residents informed on the many projects, services provided, and highlights some of the ongoing projects and services going on in the county through various forms of social media. These resources also provide updates about events and education the citizens can participate in around the county. The main county website is: http://www.macombgov.org

How to Properly Handle CONCRETE WASHOUT (PDF) Concrete washout water is the washwater that is leftover after cement work is done and the equipment has been cleaned. Washwater is very caustic and corrosive and must be disposed of properly so that it does not enter the storm drain system.

A Contractor's Guide to Storm Water Pollution Prevention

National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)

Washington Township has a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System  (MS4) permit as part of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Program to protect the surface waters of the state by ensuring that discharges of stormwater comply with state and federal regulations.  To view the PDF of Washington Township's Municipal Storm Sewer System click here.

The Part 21 Rules, Wastewater Discharge Permits, promulgated under Part 31, Water Resources Protection, of the NREPA require that a public notice be posted for 30 days, beginning no later than January 2, 2024.  

     2024 MS4 Public Notice
     2024 NPDES Permit (draft)

For additional assistance, or to comment on our MS4 permit application, contact  Bonnie Krauss in the Department of Public works:
                                                                         (586) 786-0010 press 1230 or by email.