What is Cross Connections?

Backflow occurs when a vacuum is created on a piping system, just like drinking from a glass with a drinking straw.  A garden hose connected to a laundry tub can act as a "drinking straw" allowing undesirable liquids to be drawn backwards through the hose.  A few examples of typical household situations that cause backflow in the home:

  • boilers
  • a hose connection to a chemical solution to feed lawn or to apply pesticides
  • lawn irrigation systems
  • water softeners
  • swimming pools
  • water-operated backup on sump pump

Backflow prevention devices work like "trap doors" in the plumbing that close whenever water would flow back into the public water supply. They prevent used water, soaps, and chemicals at your location from entering into the public water supply.  All backflow preventers require periodic inspection and testing to ensure that they are in good working order to prevent possible backflow of contaminated water into the public supply.

 What am I required to do ..
.. as a homeowner ..
as a business owner ?

Washington Township Residential Cross Connections brochure
MDEQ Cross Connections brochure