Where our water comes from

Washington Township public water comes from the Lake Huron Water Treatment Plant.
Not all Washington Township residents have public water, some have a private well


The Lake Huron Water Treatment Plant began full-scale operations in 1974. The plant is the most recent addition to the Detroit water  distribution system. The plant is located at 3993 Metcalf Road in Fort Gratiot, Michigan. The Lake Huron plant was designed to be easily expandable to meet the needs of growing populations in the communities it serves to the north of Detroit. The plant has a current pumping  capacity of 400 million gallons per day.


“We have to make people aware that what they put down there 
storm drains goes into the same body of water that supplies our drinking water” 
-Mary Lynn Semegen, Water Quality Manager for GLWA 

 Learn about Lead and Copper in Drinking Water

Water Residential Assistance Program (WRAP) effective April 1, 2016 

GLWA provides the funding for the Water Residential Assistance Program (WRAP) which provides residential assistance rendered in the form of bill payment assistance, Home Water Audit and eligible minor home plumbing repairs within the scope of project for qualifying customers. Washington Township  is not charged for the WRAP assistance provided to qualified customers.


On January 1, 2016 the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) became the regional water authority for Southeast Michigan.  

The GLWA is comprised of six board members: two from the City of Detroit, and one each from Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties, plus one representing the State of Michigan.

The Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) will provide water and sewer service throughout seven Southeast Michigan counties, and make capital improvements to the existing system, which it is now leasing from the City of Detroit for $50 million per year for the next 40 years.

Each community in the GLWA system will remain responsible for the collection of water/sewer bills within their municipality.


    735 Randolph Street, Suite 1900
    Detroit, MI 48226
    (844) 455-GLWA (4592)