Watering Restrictions in Place

Due to the drought conditions and the impact of the COVID Virus stay at home order, there is significant demand on the Washington Township water infrastructure.

Effective immediately public water customers MUST refrain from outside watering everyday during the peak hours of 5am to 9am and 5pm to 9pm.  In addition to peak hr restrictions, customers with addresses ending in an EVEN number may only water on EVEN numbered calendar dates; customers with addresses ending in an ODD number may only water on ODD numbered calendar dates.

These measures ensure that our infrastructure can accommodate usage, that sufficient pressures are available for fire protection and that we do not draw from the Great Lakes Water System during their peak hours, thus impacting rates unfavorably.  While we are fortunate to have a water storage system, that system is designed to operate within the seasonal water restriction rules as outlined in our Ordinance.  Therefore, we are reminding everyone to please adhere to those seasonal restrictions.

Ordinance enforcement will be issuing citations for violators.

Thank you.