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Critical and High Use
Our meter reading system may notice significant changes in water use. A “Critical Consumption” alert occurs when a large amount of water is used in between reads. A “High Use” alert occurs when a larger than Township average amount of water is used in a period greater than one month. Although these alerts will not catch every issue, they have helped many residents by notifying them of leaks and saving them money. 

When requested, the DPW can place your water meter on “Vacation” status. We can monitor for water use while you are away, and alert you of potential issues at your residence or building. Although these alerts will not catch every issue, they have proved effective in notifying many residents of leaks and saving them money.

Please update your account to include an emergency contact phone number, while you are away. Additionally, we can email or mail your bill(s) you at an alternate address while you are away to avoid late fees.

Township Emergency Notification System
New for April 2016 Charter Township of Washington has a new community notification service through Nixle. Nixle allows Washington Township to create and publish authenticated messages to be delivered to subscribed residents by text message, email and/or by voice. 
Messages may include road closures, power outages, construction alerts, emergency situations, as well as other relevant safety and community event information. 
PLEASE NOTE: Nixle does NOT share your contact information with Washington Township, therefore, if you want to receive alerts from DPW, you must add your contact information to your water account, in addition to subscribing to Nixle.