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Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM except legal holidays 

Assessing Department personnel are explorers of sorts.  They dig, gather, hunt, measure, check and recheck to make sure every parcel of property in the Township is fairly and accurately  listed, classed for use, valued and accounted for each year.  The information found every year for each parcel, is listed on the record card and kept track of until the process begins again the next year.

Each year the Assessor and her staff visit properties,  review, and modify assessments to show the trends of the market in real estate for each class and neighborhood.   Currently we are visiting new construction parcels, and are doing maintenance.

Assessment Notices are sent out mid February.  This will tell you what your new, current year assessment is, and what your appeal rights are.  If you would like to appeal your current year assessment, the window of opportunity is small, call the office and make an appointment, or write a letter of appeal.  The March Board of Review is your first step.  Residential appeals must appeal to the Board of Review to have any appeal rights at all.

How to Understand Assessment Change Notice
How to Prepare for the March Board of Review

Assessing Newsletters

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