Clerk's Office


Stan Babinski - clerk
Stan Babinski, Clerk
(586) 786-0022

The Clerk's Office handles all questions concerning Township records, meeting agendas, minutes, budgets, elections, voter registration and sale of cemetery lots. 

The position of Clerk in Washington Township is an elected one.  Some of the duties and responsibilities of the Clerk are defined by state statute, and include:

• Maintaining custody of all Township records
• Maintaining the Township's general ledger
• Preparing warrants for township checks
• Recording and maintaining Township meeting minutes
• Keeping the Township book of oaths
• Responsible for special meeting notices
• Publishing board meeting minutes
• Keeping voter registration file
• Conducting elections and is the Chief Election Officer of the Township
• Keeping Township ordinance book
• Preparing financial statements
• Delivering tax certificates to the Supervisor & County Clerk

The Washington Township Clerk's duties  also include

• Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Coordinator
• Overseeing Township Cemeteries
• Preparation of requests for Class C liquor licenses
• Purchasing Office for the Township