Dan Detkowski Bio

Dan Detkowski

Daniel Detkowski, Trustee

My name is Daniel Detkowski I have been a resident of Washington Township since 2011.  I have been employed as an engineering estimator for the past 30 years.  My qualifications to hold office include my 30 plus years of problem solving, critical thinking, and logical reasoning in my current business position.   

I was motivated to run for office with my desire to “pay it forward” to fellow residents.  I attend as many of meetings as possible, i.e. Trustees, Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Master Plan, and any Special Meeting as my I can because I am passionate about what happens to Washington Township.  I have served on the RDL Board, WT Beautification Committee, and Zoning Board of Appeals. 

I would like to ensure we continue providing quality services to our residents for the best possible tax rate.  I want to protect our rural beauty by balancing our natural resources with thoughtful economic growth.

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