Final Bills

Final Bill Request form

Washington Township Department of Public Works remotely reads water meters
In most cases, we will NOT need to travel to the property to obtain a read for billing.

A Final Bill should be requested when you:
    sell a property,
    purchase a property,
   or have new tenants/renters move in/ out.

It is important to understand:
     * A Final Bill cannot be completed for a date prior to any bill that has already been created.
     * A Final Bill cannot be un-made.  So if your closing date or move in/out date changes, you need to notify us immediately.
     * The account balance stays attached to the Parcel ID#/ property, and not to any individual. Unpaid balances are added to the Winter Taxes of the current Property Owner of record as of October each year.
     * To obtain a paid in full receipt, you must pay the Final Bill in person at the Treasurer's Department.

To request a Final Bill, complete the online Final Bill request form or contact
                                      Heather Berger in the Department of Public works
                                      (586) 786-0010 extension 2002 or by email.