Washington Township Fire Department

Message from the Fire Chief

fire chief photo

The Washington Township Fire Department is a combination department, operating 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and consists of a 37-member career division, and a part-time division.

Our present workforce is comprised of 33 highly trained and competent Officers, and Firefighters who are all licensed as Paramedics to provide emergency medical services (EMS) for a fire-based advanced life support transporting ambulance service.  Additional staff positions consist of the Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief/Fire Marshal, Deputy Fire Marshal and  Dispatch/Privacy Officer working a Monday through Friday work schedule.  On-duty staffing is accomplished through three shifts/platoons, working 24 hours on a rotating basis, from three fire stations.  Leadership of each on-duty shift is provided by a Captain and a Lieutenant.  The remaining crew members are highly proficient firefighters/apparatus operators.  All career members are trained and qualified as Interior Structural Firefighters (FFII) and trained for an all hazard response to natural and man-made disasters.

Today's modern and progressive fire service is a dynamic business that should consistently evolve through a transitional process towards excellence in customer service. Over the last few years, the Washington Township Fire Department (WTFD) has evolved into a highly sophisticated public safety rescue system that has saved hundreds of lives and reduced the severity of countless injuries and illnesses. The WTFD has a vision that guides the organization towards excellence. That goal is achieved through deliberate planning, adaptability and the courage to embrace challenges and opportunities.

Strategic Priorities

  • It is the primary goal of the Washington Township Fire Department (WTFD) to reduce citizen, and community risk from fire to the lowest possible level 
  • Reduce the rate of mortality and/or morbidity due to accident, illness, and/or other medical incidents within our Township 
  • Develop and retain professional, prepared, and trained members to protect the community and respond to all hazards in the Township
  • Provide services to the community in a cost-effective manner 
  • Enhance the knowledge, skills, abilities, and health and safety of the men and women who make up the WTFD
  • Ensure fiscal responsibility in capital asset acquisition through the Capital Improvement Program while focusing on the needs of the WTFD, and the citizens of Washington Township
  • Build upon and reinforce the community equity, and positive perception of the WTFD within the community 
  • Embrace diversity
  • Work on regional cooperation, collaborations, and external relationships

I thank you for allowing me to continue to serve as your Fire Chief, it is truly an honor to serve you, and I look forward to future service and success.

Very Respectfully,
Brian S. Tyrell, M.A., EFO
Chief of Fire and Emergency Services