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Dan O'Leary, Township Supervisor
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The Supervisor is frequently the first official contacted about any Township business or complaint and is often the Township spokesperson. This elected position has many responsibilities, but like all elected offices, the authority of the Supervisor is limited to that provided by statute or delegated by the Township Board.

The Supervisor is the chair person of  Township Board meetings and has the right and duty to regulate the proceedings of the meeting, including deciding questions of order, making declaration of votes cast, granting authority to persons to speak at the meeting and silencing those who may be out of order or disrupting the meeting (MCL 41.97-41.99).

As a member of the Township Board, the Supervisor votes on all issues upon which a vote is required.  The Supervisor can call special meetings of the Township Board that otherwise could only be called by a written request of a majority of the Township Board members or by a majority vote at a previous meeting.

The Supervisor is the Chief Assessing Officer of the Township, responsible for assessing property values within the Township and the Chief Administrative Officer for the development of the township budget.  Planning Commission members are appointed by the Supervisor, with Township Board approval. 

In addition to statutory duties and responsibilities, the Supervisor is frequently delegated additional functions and duties by the Township Board. The Supervisor is also responsible 

- to see that all laws and Township ordinances are enforced;

- to manage and supervise all public improvements, works and undertakings of the Township

- to have charge of the construction, repair, maintenance, lighting and cleaning of streets, sidewalks, bridges, pavements, sewers, and all public buildings or other property belonging to the township;

- to manage and supervise the operation of all Township utilities;

- to  keep the Board fully advised at all times as to the financial condition and needs of the Township;

- to recommend to the Township Board for adoption such measures as he may deem necessary or expedient;

- to be responsible to the Township Board for the efficient administration of all departments of the Township government;

- to assume all the duties and responsibilities as personnel director of all Township employees or delegate such duties to some other officer or employee.

The Supervisor also represents the Township's interests with the Southeastern Michigan Council of Governments. (SEMCOG) as the delegate representing Macomb County Townships.