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Your Water Sewer account

Washington Township Department of Public Works reads most water meters daily! This provides customers with historical water usage data when requested.

The Department of Public Works installs and maintains the water meters and meter reading equipment, maintains all meter readings, and prepares all water and/or sewer bills.

Payments are processed through the Treasurer's Department.

Alert orange We encourage all customers to provide an Emergency Contact number or email address for their account. 
                           Provide an email address for your account

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*     How can I pay my bill?
*     When is my bill due?
*     Reading your Water Meter
*     Items on my bill
*     Paperless Billing
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*     Critical and High Use Alerts
*     Penalties/Fees/ Delinquent accounts
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For additional assistance, contact  Heather Berger in the Department of Public works:
                                                                         (586) 786-0010 press 221 or by email.

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When is my bill due?

If you do not know whether you are billed Monthly or Quarterly, please contact the Department of Public Works
DPW@WashingtonTwpMi.org or (586) 786-0010 ext 2002. 

Monthly bills  Some residential properties and all business and multi-family buildings, such as apartments, are billed monthly. Non- receipt of bill does not waive penalty.
                  Monthly bills are due on the 10th of every month.

Quarterly bills  Some residential properties are billed quarterly. Non- receipt of bill does not waive penalty.

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Quarterly Billing Schedule
for the billing period  due date
 January-February-March May 10
 April-May-June  August 10
 July- August- September  November 10
October-November-December February 10

Items on my Bill

Metered accounts are billed based on the actual water usage measured by the water meter. Usage is measured in cubic feet, and rounded down.

Type of Read    A- Actual Read    E- Estimated

Sewer flat accounts are charged a rate that does not fluctuate with changes in usage.

Every account is billed Service Charges. Services Charges recover a portion of the total cost for system operation and maintenance.

Sprinkler Deduction is a reduction in your Sewer Use charge as measured by a Irrigation/ 2nd meter.

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Paperless Billing

Sign up to receive your bills electronically by emailing your request for paperless billing and your Account Number to:

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Critical and High Use

Our meter reading system may notice significant changes in water use. A “Critical Consumption” alert occurs when a large amount of water is used in between reads. A “High Use” alert occurs when a larger than Township average amount of water is used in a period greater than one month. Although these alerts will not catch every issue, they have helped many residents by notifying them of leaks and saving them money.
Update the contact information on your account, so that we would be able to reach you.

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Penalties/Fees/ Delinquent accounts

Non-receipt of bill does not waive penalty.

Payments are applied first to any previous unpaid balance.

If the bill remains unpaid as of the Due Date, a penalty of ten percent (10%) of the current billing is added to the account. Non-receipt of bill does not waive penalties. PAYMENT MUST ARRIVE BY DUE DATE TO AVOID PENALTIES. POSTMARKS ARE NOT ACCEPTED AS ON TIME PAYMENT.

Non-sufficient funds (NSF) checks will be returned to the maker with charges added back to the account including penalties and a $35.00 NSF fee.

Unpaid balances shall be placed on the next general tax roll to be collected as part of the general Township taxes as provided by State and Local Ordinance of the current Property Owner of record, as of October each year.

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