Department of Public Works



DPW offices are conveniently INSIDE
Charter Township of Washington Hall
57900 Van Dyke Road Washington, MI 48094
(586) 786-0012
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when you see us

dissolved salts on roadways are carried into adjacent storm sewers that enter our local rivers, lakes, and streams.
Once in the water, there is no way to remove the chloride, and at high concentrations, chloride harms fish and plant life.

Below are a few tips for keeping salt use down and OUR waterways healthy.
    1) Shovel First

    2) Use SALT Sparingly: Use less than four pounds of salt per 1,000 square feet 

    3) be patient; salt takes time to work. 

    4) Sweep Up extra salt on dry pavement. The excess can be swept up and reused for the next snow or disposed of in the trash.
    5) Wait For Warm Weather: Most salts stop working efficiently when the temperature is below 15 degrees. You can use sand instead for traction in these frigid conditions.
Water & Sewer Rate information 

You may see DPW Crew members working
outside your home or in your neighborhood.

The Charter Township of Washington DPW regularly replaces components such as water meters and water meter reading devices as part of the regular maintenance of our water system.

In some circumstances,
interior access may be needed.

If interior access is required,
the DPW staff will ask you to
contact the office to schedule an appointment.

Our Crew will have township ID
and an official township vehicle.

If you have any concerns or questions,
please contact DPW (586) 786-0010 ext 2002

Summer Watering Restrictions
annual Lead & Copper water quality testing
Emergency Notification program

Department of Public Works  
call (586) 786-0012
or email 

Contact DPW if you have questions regarding your water and/or sewer bill,  experience low or no water pressure, have a concern regarding the color, smell, or taste of your water, have information regarding watermain breaks or illegal hydrant use, or for a 2nd water meter for irrigation.