Water & Sewer

Water & Sewer

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The Department of Public works was formed to provide billing, maintenance, repair, connection, and service to the Township’s infrastructure. The team oversees approximately 90 miles of water main and 70 miles of sanitary sewer. Personnel maintain the pipes, two pumping stations (water), six pressure reducing valves (water), and five lift stations (sewer). 

Billing is provided for over 6,500 water and/or sewer accounts that include residential, commercial and industrial.

Recently, the Department upgraded the meter-reading technology to radio remote reading capabilities.  This provides customers with historical water usage data when requested. 

The Township allows customers to obtain an Irrigation/ 2nd water meter for the purposes of saving sewer charges on irrigation water. 

For additional assistance, contact  Heather Berger  in the Department of Public Works:
                                                                         (586) 786-0010 press 1211 or by email.

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