Board of Review

Board of Review


The Board of Review is a panel of three residents and one alternate that have volunteered their time and knowledge to help be a check and balance in the Assessing Process.  These residents are only at the municipal offices during the time of review.  They do not work for the Charter Township of Washington on an everyday basis.

Because the Assessing appraisal process is done by mass appraisal, there are times when a resident may want their property individually reviewed to assure that their assessment represents the true cash value of their home. The Board of Review meets  to analyze these individual requests and ensure that the assessment is fair and equal to similar properties.

The Board of Review does meet 3 times a year.  To have an in person meeting, or to write  a letter to them, about a specific issue that concerns you; March is the meeting you need to attend to be heard and/or to keep your appeal rights open.  The July and December Boards of Review are to fix errors of mutual mistake, clerical errors and exemptions that were missed at the beginning of the assessment year process.

The 2023 March Board of Review Sales Study listed below is sorted by Economic Condition Factor(ECF) Neighborhood and the 2023 Recent Sales is sorted by street address.

Board of Review FAQ; click here.
How to Prepare for the March Board of Review
2023 March Board of Review Notice
2023 March Board of Review Sales Study
2023 Land Table and ECF Neighborhood Changes
2023 Recent Sales

Board of Review- Tax Appeals

Description: This is an independent board that listens to the Community in consideration of any hard ships, or property tax appeals.


  • Christine Krawczyk – Term Exp. 12.31.2024
  • Bob Sacco – Term Exp. 12.31.2024
  • Ben Pollock – Term Exp. 12.31.2024

If you disagree with the decision of the Board of Review, further appeal may be made to the Michigan Tax Tribunal

  • by May 31 for Commercial, Industrial, Developmental and Utility property.
  • by July 31 for Agricultural, Residential and Timber Cut Over property.
  • by July 31 for Poverty Applicants. 

Property Classification appeals only may be appealed directly to the  State Tax Commission, Classification Appeals, PO Box 30471, Lansing, MI 48909 on or before June 30.

In order to protect your right for further appeal, Michigan Statute requires that owners of residential and agricultural property must first petition to the local Board of Review before appealing their property assessment to the Michigan Tax Tribunal. Commercial and Industrial properties however, are not required to petition before the local Board of Review and may appeal directly to the Michigan Tax Tribunal. Information and forms can be found on their website:  Michigan Tax Tribunal: