Road Conditions & Construction Project Updates

Road Conditions & Construction Project Updates

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You can view Current Road Projects on the Macomb County Road Projects Interactive Map HERE.

Lane Closure Advisory

None at this time.

Campground Open

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32 MILE/MOUND: Additional Turn Lanes with Traffic Lights and new blinking lights.

Powell Road (30.5 Mile to 32 Mile): Road will be fully paved.

M-53 (27 MILE TO 34 MILE): 8.378 miles of overband crack fill, single course chip seal, single course micro-surface, concrete pavement repairs, joint resealing, concrete curb and gutter repairs, curb ramp installations, hot mix asphalt cold milling and resurfacing, and pavement markings. 

30 MILE ROAD: Traffic is being reviewed by the Macomb County Department of Roads for additional signage, speed limit, and traffic study.

28 MILE/VAN DYKE: Turn Signal is being reviewed by the Macomb County Department of Roads.

 30 MILE ROAD (Kildare to Van Dyke): Will be milled and re-surfaced with asphalt.

VAN DYKE/CAMPGROUND INTERSECTION: New Roundabout with new proper signage and lighting for Macomb Orchard Trail pathways on both north and south of the roundabout!

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